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Definitely Rose


Sometimes, just when you think things aren’t going your way, everything comes together to create magic. That’s what happened for this shoot. I had a dress I’d been waiting to style, a partnership with Bronzallure, and just a tiny bit of time between other holiday work. This season has been the busiest of my year, and I was pretty much ready to escape to the nearest wide open place and create something that made ME happy.

The sun was almost setting and we had no idea how high we had to hike to get to the summit with the view I’d seen so many times from the highway. I had to hike in a dress, nonetheless. When we got to the tiny peak, I was worried. It wasn’t much space to shoot, I had to put on heels and try to balance on the rocks with steep edges that dropped off to nowhere, and the sun was almost gone. I was pretty certain it was a wasted effort, and that the photos wouldn’t turn out.

Queue the perfect post-sunset colors that painted the mountains the same color as my hair, and a dress that matched perfectly with the tones. The icing on the cake was the rose gold jewelry from Bronzallure, styled to complete holiday perfection. It was like looking at the world through rose colored glasses. I could have chosen an easier spot to shoot, as much of my client work demands, but I was determined to do something that inspired me, and I’m ever so glad I did. These have to be some of my favorite photos this season!

The gorgeous Bronzallure collection I wear is called Alba, and features cultured mother of pearl, and 18k rose gold plated Brozallure patented blend. As they claim, luxury has never been so affordable! And I’m obsessed with the way the rose gold collection styles so easily with all my outfits, dressed up or down. Just a touch of rose goes a very long, luxe way.

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Jewelry: Bronzallure
Dress: For Love & Lemons
Boots: Faryl Robin

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