Cobblestone Paris

My stay with Cobblestone Paris during my recent trip was probably THE best experience! It’s very easy to talk about because it was literally perfect. So I’ll just share a bit about our days while staying at their Le Passage

Blue Harbor

One of the new places I discovered this summer was the quaint little Catalina Island! I can’t believe I never visited until now, knowing it was only a short boat ride away all along. What I found out what that

Tower Eiffel

Spring in Paris at the Eiffel Tower… where blossoms scent the air, lovers picnic in the grass beyond the tower, and birds sing a bit sweeter. From morning till night in the shifting light, the tower is a constantly changing piece

2 lovers, midnight in Paris video

Midnight in Paris

  There’s nothing quite like nightlife in Paris. I loved roaming the streets at night, ducking from city light to shadow, and taking in the electric vibes. Some corners of the city were quiet and empty like a painting by

Sarah Loven on vintage Parisian stairway


In Paris, life feels more like a story being played out. From the mornings waking up, eating clementines with Nutella on the balcony, to mastering the many floors of stairs to your flat, and then heading off down the street

Sarah Loven wears Spell Design at Printemps Paris


It’s about time I share everyone’s favorite outfit from my Paris trip on the blog! I know some of you miss my good ol’ boho days, so styling a dash of Spell Designs for Paris was a must. Especially since their

Sarah Loven at Tuileries, Paris


It was one of those perfect days in Paris. After coffee, our mission was to find the perfect French market basket, explore Boulevard St. Germain, and walk to Tuileries for sunset. It was an effervescent experience, melding into the throngs

Moi Je Joue

Here’s a little snippet from my day shooting for Brandy Melville in Paris! While Cammy was photographer for Brandy, Josh snapped some candids for the blog and captured a ton of beautiful video footage! MOI JE JOUE This segment was in

A Walk in the Gardens

If there’s one magical thing you have to witness at Versailles, it’s golden hour in the gardens. The pale palace is kissed with the setting sun over the lake, and suddenly the walls are turned to glowing gold, set against

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