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Cobblestone Paris

Sarah Loven at Cobblestone Paris Rental

My stay with Cobblestone Paris during my recent trip was probably THE best experience! It’s very easy to talk about because it was literally perfect. So I’ll just share a bit about our days while staying at their Le Passage Du Marais apartment.

Cobblestone Paris

We met up with David, the charming Cobblestone Greeter who took us through the passageway to our building. It was hidden away in a private, quiet passageway that was like out of The Secret Garden! Climbing the spiral stairway led us to our apartment on the second floor. We were immediately in love with the absolute coziness of the place! It felt like a welcoming hug after all the Airport madness. (Our luggage got lost somewhere between NY and Paris, and I only had a few essentials and change of clothes in my carry on- thank goodness!)

If you’ve traveled to Paris before, you’ll know the all the buildings are very old. So even some of the best places to stay have that aged feel and can be just a bit grungy. Well it was literally the best surprise to find that Passage Du Marais was like brand new inside, except for the beautifully exposed, original wood beams. The bathroom was a dream, and the kitchen spotless. Everything was so quaint. I thank Cobblestone Paris for having the most impeccable standards for their rentals, creating for literally the most comfortable and effortless stay that is what you dream of in Paris!

I was also so excited about the area our apartment was located in. It is central to all the important Paris sights, and the area is one of the nicer neighborhoods. The vibes there in Marais are probably my favorite! Right down the street were the Franprix market, lots of cafes and restaurants, and the hustle of Parisians going about their day. But the absolute quiet of the apartment made you feel completely safe and tucked away like on a retreat. And trust me, that is rare, because there is a LOT of city noise in Paris!

Right around the corner was the Cafe we ate dinner, called Le Grand Cerf. Naturally I was drawn to it, sitting on the corner with it’s striped awning catching the golden hour sunlight. Everything was smiling and enjoying their meal, so we sat down in the corner and ordered our meal. Josh was determined to be bold this trip and try lots of new things, so Escargot it was! I never in my life thought I’d eat snails, but I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted warm and buttery with herbs, with texture similar to a cooked mushroom. I ate maybe a total of 6 snails while in Paris… baby steps! I ordered a mushroom flatbread, and we celebrated our arrival in Paris with some champagne and people watching.

Read more to see the photos from our stay at Cobblestone ParisLe Passage Du Marais

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