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Sarah Loven on vintage Parisian stairway

In Paris, life feels more like a story being played out. From the mornings waking up, eating clementines with Nutella on the balcony, to mastering the many floors of stairs to your flat, and then heading off down the street to your daily adventure. You never know what’s going to happen, where you’ll end up stopping to eat lunch, or on weekends, how long you’ll end up staying out.

the stairway}

I love the Parisian lifestyle, which has a sort of code or rule based on freeing yourself from obligations when it’s past work hours. This means that you might have no expectations when you go out, and it’s truly liberating to see everyone around you embracing this. The city literally comes alive and also slows down after work or on weekends. If the weather is nice, it’s prime time for picnics and socializing. I think this is the element that makes Paris so romantic.

I really fell in love with the old ways of the city- no elevators in most apartment buildings, everything is basically original (down to the creaking floor boards that you hear from anywhere in the building). And when looking out the windows, you get a glimpse into the worlds of other flats across from you.

The glowing windows set inside beautiful buildings, people lingering on their balcony for a smoke or to dry their laundry, the family with adorable french children singing french songs better than I ever could with practice, the friendly boulangerie lady… the city is like an ongoing story with new characters and chapters to explore.

I feel like I’m walking around with my nose tucked into a book, the beige world like a vintage book page. You can explore countless streets of the different arrondissements, each like a whole book with a different feel. I don’t think I could ever see it all, or be tired of it!

Top: Shop MM Boutique | Skort: Zara | Beret: Enjoué Collectif | Shoes: Call It Spring | Bag: Bebe | Scarf: Realisation Par

sarah loven on French staircase
sarah loven vintage French style

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  • sam collin says:

    Your looking so pretty:)

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    You are looking so beautiful

  • Arjena Duci says:

    Amazing look! <3
    love it my dear! keep up the good work ^_^

  • Selina says:

    it’s difficult to look good on holiday with little suitcase space but this is a great outfit, just love it

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