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Midnight in Paris


There’s nothing quite like nightlife in Paris. I loved roaming the streets at night, ducking from city light to shadow, and taking in the electric vibes. Some corners of the city were quiet and empty like a painting by Van Gogh, other corners were bustling with Parisians enjoying the night. Passing by lit cafe windows gave glimpses of people enjoying their wine with friends. Figures stand on balconies and smoke their cigarettes. Market places stay open for those stragglers running in to grab their nightly baguette and wine, which we took full advantage of for our party of two on our balcony. Wether it’s walking along the Seine, under the Eiffel Tower, or the cobblestone streets of Montmartre, Midnight in Paris is an otherworldly dream that everyone should experience.

Dresses & Scarf: Realisation Par | Boots: Matisse Footwear | Jumpsuit: Flair the Label
Patent Leather Boots: Go Jane | Faux Fur Jacket: Gypset It Girl


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