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Welcome to summer, where your world gets a little bit bigger, where there’s more room to escape. I crave the sun like an addict, yearning to spend every spare moment outside. I want to drink my morning tea and smoothie under the morning sun, explore new outdoor places, bask in the golden rays by the pool or lay on the hot sands at the beach. I find a certain romance with the beach, specifically this one cove in SoCal that’s relatively secret. I’ve been going there for a year now, and other than on holiday weekends, the place is usually next to empty. You’ve seen many of my beach shoots take place on these sands with the cliffs behind. I long to be there most summer days until the sun sets, baring my skin to the only witness around- the sea. Maybe it’s the feeling of liberation in summer, or maybe it’s the calling of the sea on my Aquarius soul, but I feel like I belong there… where I feel most content and alive.

Bikini: In Your Arms | Sunglasses: Shevoke | Bag: Andi Bagus