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Elegant Luxury style dress in tall green grass field, yellow flowers, and tree at sunset

Garden of Eden

Ever since I was a child I was fascinated with nature. I looked to it as an escape. Every little patch of wild that was still left between the developments in the suburbs, were my imaginary worlds- the places that called to me. In between school stress and bullies, I

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Sarah Loven in French Riviera Style at the beach

Remember the Ocean

In a way, living by the coast is similar to the expression “The grass is always greener on the other side”, because you’re here where the world envies the beach access and trendy lifestyle, but most the time one forgets they are just a drive away from the ocean. I

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Sarah Loven wear Faithfull the Brand in DTLA

Spring in LA

Spring in LA, where the sun is shining, the weekends are sweet, people are happier, and life is a little more beautiful because everything is in bloom. A day in Downtown LA Arts District is just what one needs to cheer up. To connect with friends for lunch at Urth

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Wildflower Heart

When people let me down, I find peace and renewed inspiration in nature and art. When I step away from things like technology, get away from the screens and that tether to the ever active online world, I feel a weight lift off me. And surrounding myself with nature, purely

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Dealing with my Job Stress, Emotions & Anxiety

Opening Up About My Recent Anxiety Yesterday was one of those days where IG just decides no one wants to see my posts. The immediate urge is to delete the posts because they didn’t do well, but I always hate reposting things just because the amount of likes doesn’t look

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The Coastal Escape - Sarah Loven - Jetset Lust

Coastal Escape

Spring rolls around and I start to dream of escaping somewhere beautiful. I naturally lean towards the French Riviera, for all its simple beauty, architecture, and culture. I love the small town of St. Tropez, where the fishing village is the set of one of my all time favorite movies

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A Dream of Spring - Sarah Loven - Jetset Lust

A Dream of Spring

Somehow, I always forget how magical spring is. Somehow, the earth’s awakening manages to surprise me with something altogether new or breathtaking. And even though spring comes without fail, year after year, each one seems a little different. I suppose things can’t always be the same forever. The earth changes

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French street style by Sarah Loven

French Street Style with J.ING

Follow my blog with Bloglovin With a little bit of black, and a little bit of leopard print, I’ve taken a very classic French look and given it some la bombe flair. The matching set and monochromatic tones keep it classy and chic, while the beret, basket bag, and kitten

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Brigitte /bardot in Love on a Pillow Movie

Movie Night: Love on a Pillow

Love, wine, and revolution: Love on a Pillow. Starring Brigitte Bardot and Robert Hossein, and directed by Roger Vadim. This 1962 romance drama flick is understated, and needs to have a comeback! Movie Night: Love on a Pillow What starts as a proper young lady going to collect her inheritance

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