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A Day at the Louvre

Sarah Loven at Musée du Louvre

Here’s what a day at the Louvre looks like- wandering the many halls, lingering in the Sculpture Garden, and gazing at paintings until the sun goes down… if you’ve been before, you’ll know the massive size of the museum can be daunting. Some of the rooms contain small paintings, other halls have paintings the size of an elephant. One never knows what they may find around each corner, or whether they might have made a wrong turn and gotten lost. But is that really so bad? Here is a rather huge blog post dedicated entirely to our ventures at Musée du Louvre. I hope you enjoy, and maybe feel like you can experience it vicariously through our photos!

A Day at the Louvre

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Sarah Loven in tan French beret at the Louvre in Paris
Reflection of the Louvre on glasswork pyramid
SarahLoven JetsetLust MuseeDeLouvre5
SarahLoven JetsetLust MuseeDeLouvre22
SarahLoven JetsetLust MuseeDeLouvre23
Sarah Loven wears tan beret in the Louvre, Paris
Exploring at the Louvre
Sarah Loven and Nextdoornomad at the Louvre
SarahLoven JetsetLust MuseeDeLouvre52
Huge painting at the Louvre
Exploring classical artwork at the Louvre
SarahLoven JetsetLust MuseeDeLouvre45
SarahLoven JetsetLust MuseeDeLouvre46
Cupid and Psyche at the Louvre Paris
Hermaphrodite sculpture at the Louvre
SarahLoven JetsetLust MuseeDeLouvre67

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