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A Look Back – 2014 Recap

  I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by, and how much has happened! I’ve learned so much and grown in some new directions I never expected. I’ve gotten to blossom more into the person I had only dreamed of being, which I’m so SO thankful I’ve been given the chance to do this. Through my adventures this year I’ve made such amazing friends and connections. I’m so thankful for where this year has taken me, even through the hardships that made me stronger, and taught me what was really important in life, and what was worth fighting for.

When looking back, what really stands out to you? It seems like all the good times float to the top, and then maybe some really hard times stick with you. But now that you’re here, standing on the other side of the year, can you see how those hardships pushed you to be the person you are now? What did you learn?

I cannot express how MUCH change I’ve gone through this year. Change and lots of learning. It’s hard to explain what all I do to make this blog happen. When all you get to see is the glistening surface of the water sparkling in the sun, it’s hard to image what’s going on beneath the surface. All I can say is that even though I’ve made many sacrifices to make this blog happen, all the hard work is worth it, when I get to say I’m doing what I love. And I plan to do it everyday. Who else gets to say that?! The life you want to live is not easy to get, but it is achievable! You have to swim against the current, of what’s expected and what’s easy. But there’s nothing else I’d rather do.
Fashion has taught me so much, who would have expected it! Some might say it is a shallow or narcissistic thing, but I disagree. I’ve poured myself into doing what I love, and fashion has been the means by which I’ve found this joy.
Through Ready Gypset Go, I’ve learned how to connect with people all over the world. Fashion is really is just another language. You can really relate with one another and appreciate one’s personal style and self-expression. This connection is basically a doorway to endless possibilities! You can be a positive influence on people by sharing love and positivity, or set an example of healthy self-love and self-acceptance. When you accept and love yourself, it’s like a light shines from inside you. You’re more confident, and people notice this! What better way to capture their attention and spread that love than with style and self-acceptance? This coming year, I want to use my personal style to inspire people to express themselves more freely.
It comes to New Year’s Eve, and there’s no other time I feel even MORE desire to work harder, learn more, and try harder. I literally can’t sit still, because the new year is here, and I have to hit the ground running!
I have big plans for 2015, and a lot of surprises for you coming up very soon!
Not only have I been working very hard on Ready Gypset Go, but my partner in crime/soulmate is the other half of all of this. Josh is my biggest supporter, and without him none of this would be possible. [I’m sure you’ll get a better introduction to him in this new year…! 😉 ]
Sending you all so much love, and wishing you happiness and light in the new year!
xx, Sarah
  • aLena says:

    This video is so rad!! love the inspiration, adventure, and positive thinking that you promote!