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a taste of lace


there i sweetly rest my head,
timeless fog in a silent valley.
i’ll wait with eyelids partly closed
for her steady breath- it wakes the birds.
whispers that wrap around the trees,
and the branches bend, listening
for countless sighs that go unheard-
caught upon the waiting fern.
i watch her, restful, in the dusty shade.
all pale, but warm, and sending shadows astray.
she’s the first hint of light over the hillside,
the last blink of slumber in my morning eyes.
One of the things I can’t resist is lacey lingerie! Eberjey sent me this lovely India set and I couldn’t help but be immediately obsessed with it. It’s perfect for spring, and is the most comfortable bralette I have yet. It calls for being worn under something sheer and breezy so it can be shown off. I wore it in our spring video, which I can’t wait to show you soon!
“India” Lingerie from Eberjey
Flower headband from Flower Gypsies
Butterfly Necklace from The Uncommon Wren
Rosary Necklace from Angel Court Jewels
poem by me, written in 2010.

2 thoughts on “a taste of lace”

  1. Its finally Spring here in the Mid-West and I love seeing the natural soft colors incorporated in your posts. It reminds me to embrace the season and appreciate these hues! Everything looks great!