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Agua Caliente


As promised, I’ve got more exclusive Spell photos from our Sunset Road Campaign! Some people were a bit eager to see this set, so I just finished the last of the editing of the RGG exclusives and decided to go ahead a upload the post early!

When I saw a photo of giant old palm trees in the midst of the desert, I had to know where it was. I did lots of digging and found this natural hot spring hidden away near the Catalina Mountains of Arizona. It was a bit out of our way, but I knew I had to go there, so we made a day trip east to see what magic was to be found. We shot a special Spell outfit, which you can see on their online store in their New Arrivals! I also quickly shot a few collabs while there, which you might have already seen sneak peeks of on my Instagram. Those will hit the blog in the near future, as well!

Agua Caliente was just as amazing as I had hoped. The lush palms were ever so tall, more elegant than any I’ve seen even on the coast. They were surrounded by white sands, lush green grass, and the natural hot springs. Some of the springs have been drying up, unfortunately, but are being gently coaxed back into existence. It was ever so peaceful to sit under them, watching them sway in the wind, leaves creating the sounds of crashing ocean waves. The shade was cool and the air was fresh. The mountains in the background were green and lit with amber sunset against a pink sky, similar to a sight I remember from Kauai years ago. And I knew exactly the feeling one might have when being lost in the desert and discovering a secret oasis. It was definitely mirage-like, heavenly, and felt like a dream. One of my favorite little discoveries while exploring the west.


Intimates, Jacket, Shirt, Boots: Spell Designs
Hat: Free People
Necklace: Vintage
Cuff: Stone Sparrow
Turquoise Bracelete: Soul Makes
Small Turquoise Ring & Cross Arrows Ring: Midsummer Star
Large Double Turquoise Ring: Mountainside Designs
Small Green Stone Ring: Ohm Boho
Silver Full Moon ring: Eclectic Bling





















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  • Davidson says:

    This is so exciting, congrats! And you fully deserve it! BTW, I love your outfit,the jacket looks amazing!

  • Sexy girl~ And thanks for your sharing

  • Terry says:

    Ftanstic girl ,your dress style is so fanshionable

  • Bruce Barone says:

    I can’t wait to read more of these letters. Just beautiful. Inspiring. And beautiful photos.

  • I loved reading this first post of the series. It is raw and truthful what the road and travel is like. Something always goes wrong but hey that’s part of the adventure!
    Beautiful photos as well!

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