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Balcony Life

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While we were back in Cleveland visiting family for a week, we revisited our old creative domain. The big old building in downtown served as an art studio and loft living space for us and my dad. The whole top floor was ours, the size of a a large ballroom, and we built a cozy room on one side, while the creative studio was on the other side. The windows were huge and surrounded the entire room, letting in light every hour of the day, and shifting throughout the seasons. That’s one thing I loved the most. We could venture onto the rooftop to photograph the sunset or watch the incoming storms. And sit on the balcony watching the world go by, smelling all the scents from the below cafes and restaurants. It was a place where our creativity took flight, and the blog was born.

When we visited, I knew right away I wanted to return to my balcony for a portion of our Cosabella shoot. It reminded me how much I love that Balcony Life, and can’t wait to experience the same simple pleasure on balconies around the globe!


Bodysuit: Cosabella
Sweater: Free People

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