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Beach Cottage

I’ve got that summer feeling. The days are longer, the nights are sweeter, the mornings fresh and cool before the sun comes up. I live for the summertime, when my skin can soak up all the vitamin D and I get that healthy glow.

If you’re ever in Orange County, I recommend stopping by the low-key but kinda famous Crystal Cove Beach Cottages. What was once a beach shack civilization for an odd assortment of families, was built literally from driftwood and spare odds and ends found washed ashore and from demolished buildings. It was used several times as film sets, portraying places like Hawaii and other tropical islands. And you can’t help but feel like you’ve walked into a quaint movie scene when wandering around the little hideaway. I’ve always enjoyed coming here and exploring a little more each time, finding new corners to admire. You can even rent cottages or rooms for a fair price, however you will have to book up months in advance because this place is pretty adored by it’s locals and visitors.

You can grab an amazing bite to eat at the restaurant, or hit up the ice cream/food shack at the top of the cliff. It’s the perfect getaway for the day or weekend!

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Bikini: Lolli Swim | Hat: Lack of Color | Bag: Before Anyone Else | Towel: Buldano | Shoes: Soludos | Jewelry: Five & Two



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