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I’m excited to share that Sea Gypsies has joined our adventures since early fall, and I’m stoked to be their new brand ambassador and represent their brand in my own gypsy way. I love their designs and this romper is one of my favorite pieces from them (though I’m keen to share with you what else I’ve shot for them in our latest adventure)!

Paired with this ocean blue romper is the beautiful scarf from Shovava, hand drawn and printed on silk. I was never one for scarves, but after frolicking around in this silken piece of wearable art, I became in love with it. The detail, the lightweight fabric, and the love put into it made me fall for it. Sometimes it’s the things that are different from my normal wardrobe that suddenly capture my adoration. I love trying new outfit pieces that I wouldn’t normally lean towards. It really opens up the creative doors for expanding your personal style, and adding a fresh feeling to your day to day…

On on sunny day between endless days of storming, thanks to El Niño hitting the northern California coast, we started our journey from Crescent City and headed south. Naturally, our luck has it the last 1-2months that the days we try to shoot and explore, it rains and is cold and too windy to shoot. And the days we decide to pack up and hit the road, the sun pokes out. This has been the most deterring part of our journeys so far. Though we came out west to avoid the terrible winter weather for the sake of our blog and business, it seems it greeted us on the other side of the country as well. I can’t say it hasn’t been some of the hardest times for us, being completely at the mercy of wild mother nature, and unable to work.

On our mission to flee the rain, we saw the sun in a clear sky, over a tumultuous sea. The amber light filled the spraying mist that crashed onto the rocks. It was the first sunlight I’d seen in what must have been 2 weeks. So we immediately pulled the airstream over to take advantage of the gold light, over the last northern Cali view I planned to look upon for a while. It was a bitter-sweet goodbye to the place we stayed for a month, sweet because for a while it became home. Bitter because it was frigid! I won’t lie, I was going mad, ready to leave and head south. I’m an endless summer kind of girl, unable to handle much of the winter weather before it takes a toll on my emotions.

Thus, I write this from San Francisco on our way south, while prepping for the upcoming blog posts that will share our latest adventures. I’m excited to head to the next sandy place, and hopefully bask in some sunlight and warm air.


Romper: Sea Gypsies by Lost
Scarf: Shovava
Jewelry: Saints of Bohemia
Belt: Pretty Eclectic
Boots: El Vaquero

























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