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In Her Garden

So it begins- the dream of spring. The days where the sun starts to warm your skin, ever so slightly. And the earth wakes up, budding in rebirth of what once was, and what will always be. The same, but different every season. Subtle differences that we hardly even notice, like a new freckle. A new blossom on a tree, a new tree grows from a seed under the ground, a new family of birds settle into your yard- birds that came from far far away. These little happenings in our surroundings that we never even think of. The beauty in the secret life of nature.

Lingerie & PJs: Cosabella | Tee: The Laundry Room | Boater Hat: 66 the Label | Tulle Skirt: Free People
Rain Boots: Vince Camuto | Basket: The Vintage Tree | Blouse: Flynn Skye | Choker: Fugio Designs

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