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Into the Blue

Some days just don’t go as you hope. Often times when I expect sunshine, I get rain. And then when I look forward to rain, I get clear skies. It just goes to show you that nature can never be tamed or predicted, and neither can life. You have to expect the unexpected, and embrace it. You can’t avoid the storms, but you can learn to dance in the rain. It’s not hard to find the beauty in the things you weren’t expecting.
This beach was bright and sunny when we arrived to shoot, but as the afternoon faded into evening, the skies turned dark. It was an eerie shade of blue. We kept on shooting anyway, embracing the change in the atmosphere. It was heavy and a little bit electric. Lighting flickered out over the water in the distance, and we felt the stir in the wind as the storm headed rolled in quickly. It was the excitement of the unexpected that kept us there, even until the last second when the thunder crackled sharply and we knew it was time to go. The beach is long and we ran, bare feet softly landing in the sand. Our nervous laughter of disbelief, came between short breaths, when the winds picked up the sand in a veil-like cloud, chasing us to our jeep.
We all need to allow for a little adventure in our lives. Or a lot! You can find it anywhere, any day, if you only just allow for it. Branch out of your comfort zone. Talk to strangers. Explore new places. You never know what beauty or excitement lies just around that corner you always pass.
Seek adventure, and learn to dance in the rain, loves!
xx Sarah
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