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Into the Jungle


Days like these always got me craving a little less complication and a bit more simplicity. Like the kind of simplicity of life in my all-time favorite movie The Blue Lagoon. I always come back to those scenes of lazy sunny beach days, and escaping away into the tropical jungle. I want to wear flowers and feathers and pearls from the sea in my hair, and live out my days in a tree house with my love.

Needless to say, that is a goal of ours and I plan to make it happen in the future one way or another!

For now, I’ll just be happy to wiggle into a one piece (my current swimsuit of choice), roll around in the sand a little, and collect palm leaves to make a beach fort. So what if I’m a grown up, summer makes me feel like a child and I just want to go playyyy outside!

PS- if you’re new here, yes this was my real hair. I chopped it off about 2 months ago!


Jumpsuit, Purse, Swimsuit: Gypsy Soul Designs
Sandals: Elf Bali
Cuff: Barse Jewelry
Ring: Midsummer Star