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Laguna Baby


There are few places I’ve been where the the coast is so colorful that I wonder if I’m dreaming. Laguna with its many beaches made up of tiny coves, blossom with color from flowers to cactus, to blue skies and turquoise waters. It’s a little slice of paradise that I just keep coming back to, eager to explore a different beach every time. I get a feeling of bliss from walking beneath the tall palm trees, and it’s the closet feeling to being on vacation I’ve had in months.

You may wonder how I could say such a thing when I’m constantly traveling from place to place! As much as I’d love for my career as a lifestyle blogger to be one big vacation, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’ve poured every ounce of myself into our beloved blog and business, making a life out of what most deem a hobby. I’ve never ever been one to follow along with what people deem a safe and secure lifestyle. I never “got a normal job” or believed we all had to learn the same things the same way everyone else does. I especially didn’t want to spend all my precious time, either as a child or young adult, working towards a life I didn’t want. So naturally, I took off after my dreams the moment I had the freedom to. And I don’t give up easily when I start down the path towards my dream.

This is how far we’ve come, and the hard work never really stops. Full time travel means you never have a stable life. It’s as simple as that, really. And it’s definitely not for everyone.  But I want to stress the fact that I believe EVERYONE should travel, near and far, during their life. In this, one loses their self, and finds who they really are. Outside of influence from people you have spent your whole life around, outside of schoolmates and family who might stunt your growth as an individual by treating you the same throughout your life, and making sure you remember your “obligations, limitations, and proper place” so that you can fit neatly into their box and that of society’s. People constantly discourage you from taking risks or making investments into your future that go outside the norm, from fears based on the ones driven into them, and those before them, and those before them.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that being stagnant kills your spirit.

There are so many people in this world, that you CANNOT fail going after what you want! The illusion of failure is really all that exists. Because if something goes wrong, you learn from it and you keep on going. There is no end in sight when you have the freedom to just… keep… going. Chase that dream as soon as possible, before it becomes too hard to get out of that cookie cutter life.

I’m always so grateful that as a child I was encouraged to chase after my passions. Because of that, I developed my photography skills at the age of 16 when I began that part of my artistic expression. I had also been writing poetry and books, and developing myself as an artist in more ways than one. It was because I got to experiment in my youth that I could discover who I was and what I truly wanted from life. I developed my passions and talents into what became my first job and actual career at 18 years old. It’s safe to say that because of my 10 years of experience and self teaching, I got the jumpstart on anyone who started down the same path later in life.

This is why I SO passionately believe no one should ever stop chasing their dreams, and you should start as soon as you can. Let children and teenagers do what they love, and help them find that. Never let anyone scare you with that concept of failure, we are ALL failing on a daily basis, there’s nothing to be afraid of! If you fall on your ass, laugh at yourself. Even laugh with those laughing at you, but get back up and surprise the hell out of them when you keep on going and actually get somewhere. You really can, us human beings are capable of such amazing things when we free ourselves from our own limitations and those of others, and just GO for it!


Hat: 66 the Label
Jumper: Sea Gypsies by Lost
Necklace: Gypsy River
Sunnies: Woodzee
Ring: Wild Heart Jewelry
Bag: Sienna Moon














blouse: Spell, hat: 66 the Label, sandals: Cocobelle, bag: Street Level, iPhone case: Milkyway Cases



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