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Live by the Sun


Here’s a little throw back to the last days of fall and dancing under the sun. I’m a summer kind of girl, so I had to save this little bit of sunshine for a rainy (or cold and snowy) day. Sun is one of the key factors to my art, and my positive outlook on life. When the sun’s out, everything is beautiful. You see things in a different light. I think about the things that are important to me and the things that I love.
“Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy.”
– Robert Anthony
As a child I was very strong willed. I wanted to spend my time letting my creativity run wild. I was always dreaming up plans for big things (or they seemed big then). I grew up learning how to work to achieve my dreams, which at the time was to be a professional ballet dancer. That was something I worked at every day, with amazing instructors who took me very far. But being the creative person I am, I couldn’t narrow my life down to just dance. Dance was an all or nothing kind of “sport”, and I wanted more. So when I gave up that part of my life, photography was the passion that picked me up.  And I give it my all everyday, because it’s what makes me happy. I’ve built my whole life on a foundation of dreams and aspirations, and though it’s not a tangible foundation, it’s more real than a foundation built on physical things around us. And I’m the only one who can make my dreams into a reality.
I’m a very visual person, so I constantly fill my world with beautiful things to inspire me. I think photography is one of the most important things in my life, and being able to capture a moment and never forget that image, is one of the most beautiful things ever. Photography is my way to express my love for life and living it to the fullest.
I have such exciting plans in the making for the future, and the future of Ready, Gypset, Go. And I can’t wait to tell you all about them! Believing in yourself is the first step to accomplishing something, and with all you amazing people sending your love and support helps me every step of the way. Stay tuned in to find out more about my big dreams for RGG, and how you fellow Gypsetters can be part of all the adventure! (And of course, I hope you enjoy this and the upcoming fashion posts!)
What I’m wearing:
Arnhem tunic
Agate Mermaid tote
Jeffrey Campbell boots
Pandeia watch
Skydog Jewelry rings
Gypsy Junkies necklace

Movie Night!

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  • Another beautiful boho look!!
    Peace & Love

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