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Mod Mood

Mod was a style I was obsessed with as a kid. From bouffant hair-do’s, to twiggy eyelashes, and my ultra fav- the Go Go Boot. You can thank my parents for restricting my television watching to mostly old classics, I Dream of Jeanie being the one to blame here, specifically. I remember talking about Mod to my friends, who had no idea what this was. Even early on in the internet days, I used to Google this “Mod” style, and even the WWW didn’t seem to know much about it. I thought maybe I made up the word, and dropped the topic before I embarrassed myself anymore.

Flash forward to late 2016, when I’m revisiting some of the old styles I was always inspired by. Lately everything has been tying together in my personal wardrobe: French street style (classic and chic, but never overdone), victorian French details ( a little bit of luxury), retro style (for some attitude), aaaaaand le Mod Mode. I’m in the mood to be Mod, and I don’t care who knows it. Start off with the feminine trench coat, á la Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and polish the 60’s style off with a little pouf to your hair and some Go Go Boots. We all know velvet is a hard hitter this season, so Public Desire has been my go-to brand for shoes and boots.

I’m always a sucker monochrome, and I match probably more than I should. But pastels for winter is the name of my game, and I went pink on pink like nobody’s business. That soft mauve-y tone is my favorite for taking neutral to the next level. Check out all the outfit details at the bottom of the post!



Coat: Guess | Silk Slip: Mura Boutique | Tee: The Laundry Room | Boots: Public Desire | Bag: Stich & Hide
Jewelry: Jessica Matrasko | Watch: The Fifth | Sunglasses: Wear Me Pro

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