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Runaways in Love (part 1)


Just two strays, two runaways in love. Sometimes it’s okay to choose to wander, to search for more. Sometimes what you really need is to leave behind everything that tries to keep you from growing, and be a runaway. That doesn’t mean you’re running away from your problems, because being a wanderer isn’t an easy choice. You’re allowed to want more out of life, and you’re allowed to seek after it. I’m telling you to ignore those fears placed on you by others, that don’t let you live outside the box. Because you’re allowed to want something different, something new, something that hasn’t been cookie cut out by society for you.

“Plant the seeds of your dreams today, in preparation of tomorrow.” (-me)

Lovestrength is a brand that I’ve been lucky enough to be connected with since the beginning of Ready Gypset Go. They have always been so supportive and loving, they’re more like dear friends at this point. This is the best part about my job- getting to connect with people who are passionate about the same things as you. I know I say it a lot, but there are also negative experiences in the fashion industry, so I place a lot of value on those brands who are truly good, and I want to support them and share them with you!

As a husband and wife team, we appreciate Lovestrength even more so because they are a mother and daughter duo, and we know how much love and sacrifice goes into your creating your own business. We put so much work into what we do- we put everything into the blog. Rarely do we get to be in photos together, so this was really special to shoot this lookbook together. It took multiple days and a lot of work to set up the shots, being both models and photographers simultaneously. But I’m so happy we got to capture and create this little story for one of our favorite brands, and show a little more of us as a couple.

We explored the canyon for multiple locations to shoot, which has been a great location for epic sunsets so far. We’ve been living here for some months now, out in the quiet and off from the busy of society. It’s been a nice retreat, where we’ve been left in peace and able to work on the last Airstream renovations. I know everyone is super eager to see photos, and I’m just about ready to shoot the grand tour! There is some leftover wood work to be done and staining, then a final shining of the outside of the Airstream. Which we are working to finish up before we hit the road again for more adventuring. So stay tuned! I can’t wait to share what we have been working on! And check back for Part 2 photos of this look book!
























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