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This post is long overdue! I get so caught up in the moving forward part of life that sometimes it gets really hard to finish projects. Especially when I’m such a little person trying to accomplish so many big ideas. This is why I love getting to work with other creative people, and sharing the project so that we can work together! I’m so excited to be bringing on some lovely interns this summer, so expect the blog to really take flight in July!

I’ve been really longing to hit the road, especially today. I just want to go someplace new. Somewhere wide open and a bit wild. The unknown appeals to me so much. The excitement of living in the moment, exploring new places, and not knowing where you’re going… it’s what I’m all about! Last summer was the beginning of my love for travel and adventure, as we took a road trip across the US to California. We had no plans, just a destination. Each day was an adventure and each night we rested our head some place new. And sometimes it was a struggle to find a place to sleep or shower. And sometimes we slept in the desert,or couch surfed, and showered outdoors at the base of encompassing mexican mountains. I wish I would have photographed absolutely every moment so I could share them with you!

I long for the road, and for big rocks and hot days out west. It’s been the plan to find our way out there again. What I love about what I do is that I’m taken somewhere new each day. I meet new people, make last minute plans, share my passions with others… it’s not always easy, but I would never trade it for anything else. It’s what I’ve always wanted, and I’ll always push forward. And I never know what tomorrow will bring. Whether it’s a spontaneous photo shoot, connecting with a brand, or making travel plans… who knows where I’ll be headed next!

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Outfit Details: 

Top: Idylwild
Skirt: Gold Dust Dresses
Boots: Freebird by Steven
Hat: Fallen Broken Street
Short Necklace: Roosio Roos
Long Necklace : Angel Court
Small Bracelets: Kura Fuchi
Hand Chain: Gypsy Junkies
Crystal Ball Ring : The Uncommon Wren
Cuff, Turquoise Bracelet, matching ring, silver ring: Lost Lover



  • Kasidy Belle says:

    I definitely understand your love for the road. I have driven across the country every summer since 3rd grade. I love the adventure, beautiful sights and not knowing where we will end our day.
    Beautiful pictures! I love your outfit!