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Reckless Seekers of Beauty


I’ve learned a lot about the art of Wandering. It seems like it could be so easy, but it’s not! You develop intuition after a while, that leads you to hidden places, or amazing sights to see. You have to develop patience, because you won’t always end up somewhere interesting, but the point is, you let go long enough to enjoy the ride. It’s not always the destination, but sometimes the journey that is the best part of wandering. Road trips are the best way to learn more about yourself and do a little soul searching.

I believe in seeking out amazing things wherever we go. I love experiencing something I’ve never experienced before, more than anything. If you learn to open your mind to it all, it’s like the adventure finds you and softly shapes you. You ride the road, and you can’t fight it. You have to allow the experience to be what it is, and not try to force it to be something it’s not.

You can meet such unique characters, and what’s crazy is that a lot of the time, they will say something profound that seems like they’ve known you all along, or can read your heart. There’s something magical about when strangers cross paths for a brief moment in time. We both know we are heading our own separate ways soon, and we likely won’t see each other ever again, but it’s important that we met. I get this funny feeling like I shouldn’t rush through the odd conversation. And then there it is, some amazing phrase that just stands out to you, and you know it’ll stick with you. And maybe it changes your life a little, and shapes you. That’s the beauty of it all- letting the world leave a mark on you, and you leave a mark on it. Because, don’t we just belong to each other?

We are wanderers, all of us. We just have to free our feet.

We are the reckless seekers of beauty.


Two Piece: n/a
Belt: Love Strength
Boots: Free Bird By Steven
Hat: Fallen Broken Street
Necklace: The Gold Barr
Bracelets: Angel Court Jewels
Medallion Ring: Gypsy Warrior
Moonstone Ring: The Gypsies Trunk
Sunglasses: Polette





















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