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Twilight Concert 2016


I bring you a never-before-seen post today, throwing it back to this summer’s Santa Monica Twilight Concert! I’ve been digging into my hard drive and pulling out fond memories and shoots from this past year, as we are coming up on the end of 2016. Here’s one from a night to remember, reuniting with the event that gave us such a magical connection with our first California experience so many years ago. And what could have made it better than getting to see BORNS live, so soon again after Coachella! Speaking of which, I have so much video footage to go through from both these festivities, which will be making an appearance in our traditional New Year’s recap video! I’m so excited to get to revisit all our travels and adventures in 2016- it feels like I was just making the recap of 2015, and can’t believe it’s been a whole other year! I think one of my resolutions this NYE will be learning how to live more in the moment, and experience everything more fully!

On the night of the 2016 Twilight Concert, the beach was full of people and music filled the air. We shot a little project for Kapten & Son down by the life guard stands, getting thoroughly tossed by the salty wind, and watching the world turn to amber. After shooting a couple looks, we pried our way through the crowds and made our way onto the Pier for BORNS. It was completely jam-packed full of young fans. We chowed down on hot dogs and fries, and watched from a distance before luckily getting in close to the stage for some of the last songs. The last time we stood in this same spot was one of those life-changing nights, listening to Surfer Blood and rolling on the good vibes. I say life-changing, because it was the first road trip we took across the country, venturing out on our own, and it was what inspired the whole concept of Ready Gypset Go. I’m ever thankful for the experiences that shaped my dreams and led us to where we are now!


Top: For Love & Lemons
Shorts: One Teaspoon
Hat: 66 the Label
Watches: Kapten & Son
Choker: Vanessa Mooney



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