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 Pink hearts, chocolate, candle light, and love. Valentine’s day is nearly upon us and everyone is looking to love and be loved. We all know how to show love to those we admire, those we idolize, and things we wish for. Maybe showing more love to those people and things than to ourselves. My question to you is, do you love yourself?
I don’t mean loving yourself above all things. I mean, a healthy and loving view of yourself. Maybe you don’t love so much the hidden muffin top, or the newly acquired wrinkles. Or maybe you can’t look at yourself in the mirror or even smile without feeling self conscious. Maybe you don’t like your voice or your awkward height. Some things we hide from others because we think it makes us less. Less what? Less perfect? You do realize that there is nobody perfect out there. The only time you see anything or anyone as perfect is when you’re looking at them through rose-colored glasses, a.k.a LOVE!
You admire someone’s beautiful hair, or their skinny body. Or you wish you had their outgoing personality. You “love” that thing about them. But the truth is they don’t see themselves as perfect either. They know each of their tiny flaws. Flaws that you might even covet. So why do we get jealous of others when someone might desperately wish to have something you do? Because we put on rose-colored glasses when we look at the world, but we take them off when looking at ourselves.
Who’s to decide what’s to love about you and what’s not? Outer beauty is fleeting, while inner beauty is what lasts.
So I want you to put on some rose-colored glasses and look at yourself in the mirror. See yourself as a stranger might see you. Find the things about yourself that you may not have noticed, like the freckles on your nose, the shape of your shoulders, or that adorable silly smile that you only show when you’re being genuine. Forget about the things that you don’t like. You don’t need to focus on those. If you want to change things such as those love handles or that little extra weight, you can do that in your diet and fitness routines. But don’t focus on the things you don’t like, because then you are putting all your energy into the negative. Develop the positive things you love about yourself and let those beautiful parts shine brighter. Don’t extinguish them by telling yourself you’re not good enough!
I bet you would never guess that I’m self conscious about the shape of my face and cheeks! Or that I don’t have a perfectly flat stomach. In fact, I even have cellulite on my butt. Yeah, really. I would never want people to know these things, and I try to hide them. But let’s be real. This is called being a human being, with a human body. Instead of trying to become inhumanly perfect, let’s learn to love ourselves. We can even support each other by sending out positive compliments. Tell someone what you think is beautiful about them. I bet they wouldn’t even believe you when you tell them, because they feel imperfect. You should be able to love yourself, and spread the love because everyone is looking for it.
So who do you love this Valentine’s Day?
Your answer should be “MYSELF!”
And what do you love about yourself?
Take a moment and tell me 3 things below!
xx, Sarah
“I Heart WOC” tank from Winds of Change
One Teaspoon boyfriend jeans
One Teaspoon Bra
Jeffrey Campbell heels
Winds of Change hat

Makeup by Scott Andrew.

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  • VM says:

    absolutely gorgeous photos! perfect for valentines day around the corner and they make me want to pull out my red lipstick 😉
    The three things that I love about myself, and this makes me feel silly sharing, but here goes 🙂 my cesection scar from both my boys. I can finally run my fingers over it and smile. I no longer see it as a scar or something I need to hide, or feel less of a mother but something to wear with pride. My ears. I kinda have big ears, lol but I have fun dressing them up with earrings and I try not to think about it too much when I put my hair up. Lastly and most importantly I love that I am finally truly learning to accept the changes my body has gone through. I don’t want to spend the energy being unhappy about myself. life is too beautiful and there is so much happiness around me that I don’t want to ruin that with negativity. If there are moments when I start to feel self conscious or insecure, because I do, I commit to do something about it. yoga, cross fit, hiking, or even as simple as painting my nails or using a new body wash that smells delicious does the trick. It’s almost as if I am retraining my thought process out with the negative and in with the positives.

    • Sarah says:

      Hello lovely, thanks for the wonderful comment! So glad to see people who are accepting their inner and outer beauty! These things make you you, and you are beautiful! Keep up the positive thoughts. xx

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