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You’re So Gucci

This has been my uniform this winter. Leave it to chance to happen upon the prettiest and comfiest sweater I’ve ever owned, one day while walking around LA. (It’s only $20 from H&M!) As one who never owned many pairs of pants, I’ve been collecting every kind of black leather pants I can find, in every texture and fit. These River Island pants go up to my belly button, which to me, is basically the most important thing a pair of pants can have. I don’t know if it’s me being lazy, or just a mega fan of this look, but I recycle it over and over lately. Changing out the sweater or shoes or hat for something similar. But the black pants… those are so model-off-duty, one really can’t go wrong. I highly recommend. I probably wear some version of these every day of the week, and I’m forgetting how to style anything else. Well… maybe it’s just because I don’t want to!!

I get asked about this sweater everywhere I go, though. So I vote it’s a winner! It’s perfect for winter and early spring, as Wool fabric is a type of cloth made with animal hair for retaining body heat. It has always been one of the most expensive materials with exclusive properties. The luxury of wool is still perceived as the sign of high social status, while remaining ultra cozy! Perfect for chic, luxe, street style looks.

As for the River Island heels, I’ll take furry shoes anytime. With a little sparkle, please.


Sweater: H&M | Pants & Shoes: River Island | Hat: Enjoué Collectif | Bag: Gucci




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